Selected Publications

  • Daniel Co-edited the new book, Speculative Strategies in Interdisciplinary Arts Practice (Underwing Press, 2014) with Jane Calow and Laura Mansfield. For more information on the book click here.
  • Preface to The Nature of the Beast: Cultural Diversity and the Visual Arts Sector, A Study of Policies, Initiatives and Attitudes 1976-2006, (2007)  Richard Hylton, (Bath: ICIA, University of Bath). 
  • Death Without Tears: childhood loss and memory (2005) review of Barbara Hind for Mortality (London, Routledge)
  • Advances in Art and Urban Futures Volume 2: Recoveries and Reclamations (2002) Judith Rugg and Daniel Hinchcliffe (eds),   (Bristol: Intellect Books), 155pp.
  • VICINITIES - The Collision of the Global, the Intimate and Identity (2002) catalogue featuring 3 Site-Specific Exhibitions: Work by Anthony Key, Deborah Jones, Zahid Dar & Gill Goddard. Text by Eddie Chambers and Daniel Hinchcliffe. The publication includes a CD-ROM of the web piece by Goddard and Dar. (Bath: Creative Arts, University of Bath)

Selected Presentations:

  • 2008, Invited to speak about the University of Bath’s exhibition programme by the University of Oldenburg's Commission for Exhibitions in Germany.
  • 2007, Speculative Curatorial Strategies: Art in Non-Arts-Based Academic Settings, 2nd International Conference on the Arts in Society, University of Kassel, during Documenta 12. 
  • 2004, The Curator-Artist Relationship at Curatorial Strategy as Critical Intervention Symposium, School of Fine Art, Kent Institute of Art and Design (with Dr Becky Shaw).
  • 2003, 5x5x5 = Creativity in the Early Years, Making Learning Visible, at the Sightlines Conference, Stockton on Tees (with Deborah Jones and Liz Elders).
  • 2001, Assembly, (A New Contemporary Site-Specific Visual Arts Commissioning Programme), at Assembly Symposium Tippet Centre Bath. 
  • 2000, Fresh  Perspectives On Contemporary Public Art Holburne Museum.
  • 2000, Garden as Metaphor for Recoveries and Reclamations Symposium, University of Plymouth (with Dr Jane Calow)
  • 1999, Site-Specific lecture on art and urban regeneration in Birmingham for Fine Art in Context MA, UWE.
  • 1999, Site-Specific lecture on art and urban regeneration in Birmingham for Dept. of Cultural Studies and Sociology, University of Birmingham.
  • 1999, Place, Practice, Text. 'New Genre Public Art' in the City: Spatial Specificity and Textual Readings. At New York, Chicago, Los Angeles Culture and Representations Conference. The University of Birmingham.